Method and apparatus for producing one invention per week over one year

How fast is it possible to invent? Is it possible to create one patentable invention per week, during one year? In 2007 I got a ”goal” by my manager to write one invention a week during a year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed, but was close; during the 365 day period 2007-07-01 to 2008-06-30 I filed 51 patent applications. What I did to reach 51? I followed my 4 secrets on how to become a prolific inventor.

Important to note is that I should not have been able to file 51 without having colleagues and co-inventors to discuss the ideas with and (of course) without help by patent engineers and patent attorneys writing the application.

So: Is it possible to come up with one invention per week over a one year period? Yes, by working in an inspiring and innovative climate together with open minded colleagues and with good support from patent engineers and patent attorneys, and – of course – performing a lot of hard work ,  it is possible.

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